Prime Time House Leadership


Finding Purpose In Your Life

 Prime Time House gave me a purpose in life.  It gave me a reason for functioning, a reason for getting up every day.  Before Prime Time House, I would stay at home, sleep, and do nothing, but now I have a purpose. I have a reason to get out of bed every day.  I have friends.  I have people who I need.  
—Althea, Member

Leadership Team:

Christina Emery
Executive Director
[email protected]

Adam Lytton
Housing Program Manager
[email protected]

Zak Ritchie
Clubhouse Program Manager
[email protected]

Tom Stanton
Career Services Program Manager
[email protected]

Christy Tellier
Community Outreach & Human Resources
[email protected]

Kathi Gryniuk Weinstein
Director of Development
[email protected]

Board of Directors:

Jeff Geddes, President
Torrington Savings Bank, VP

Louisa Roraback, Past President
Roraback & Roraback

Sandra Zielinksi, Secretary
Women & Girls Fund of NW CT, Chair

Elena Simoes, Treasurer
Wakeman Boys & Girls Club, CFO

Beth Dupont, Director
O&G Industries, HR & EEO Officer

Dr. Michael Kovalchik, Director
Retired Physician

Dory Miville, Director
Prime Time House Member & Advocate

Susan McGowan, Director
Retired Occupational Therapist

Arthur Orr, Director
Prime Time House Member & Advocate

Lindsay Raymond, Director
State of CT, Department of Agriculture

John Seagrave, Director
Barron & Company, LLP

Lisa Ferris, Director
Brooker Memorial

Advisory Committee:

Mary Baker

Tina Bernacki

Martha Bernstein

Gina Bunch

Stacey Caren

Jean Chapin

Rep. Michelle Cook

Deidre DiCara

Hon. Anne Dranginis

Nancy Gandolfo

Larry Henrickson

Luce Jakimetz

Susan Jordan, Esq

Karin Lawrence

Gerald Libby

Brian Mattiello

Jim MacGillavry

John Mehm, Ph.D.

Norman Melk

Jackie Miller

Cathy Oneglia

Lisa Partrick

Sue Rea

Nancy Rogers

Michael Rooke

Turi Rostad

Brenda Sherman

Emily Soell

Oliver Taeb

Marc Trivella, LCSW

Regina Wexler, Esq.

Roberta WIllis


Empowerment Through Giving

 This is not where you come and get service. This is where I come and give service. So that empowers me. I can be a service giver. The staff and members work side by side. Members make decisions for the clubhouse. It’s so empowering to be considered not a patient, not somebody with a label, but a member.  
—Willow, Member

Where to find us:

Our main campus is located at:

836 Main Street
Torrington, CT 06790

Phone: 860-618-2479

Normal Hours of Operation are:
Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Program hours vary to include:
Wednesday evenings & 2 Saturdays per month