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Finding Purpose In Your Life

 Prime Time House gave me a purpose in life.  It gave me a reason for functioning, a reason for getting up every day.  Before Prime Time House, I would stay at home, sleep, and do nothing, but now I have a purpose. I have a reason to get out of bed every day.  I have friends.  I have people who I need.  
—Althea, Member

Prime Time Club House

Our Clubhouse program assists adults with serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders define individualized recovery goals to improve mental wellness through engagement in a safe and supportive environment.  Working side-by-side with staff during our “work-ordered day”, members perform various food service, transportation, reception, clerical, financial, and other related tasks.

Career Services
Supported Employment

Our Career Services Supported Employment program assists adults with serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders find pathways to independence through employment. We believe all individuals deserve the same unlimited opportunities for employment.  Holding a meaningful job is a critical component to recovery and provides a sense of purpose, the chance to be part of the community, and opportunities for growth.

Next Steps
Supportive Housing

Our Next Steps Supportive Housing provides housing and intensive case management services for up to ten individuals living in Litchfield County who were initially homeless due to severe and prolonged mental illness and/or substance abuse.  Our case manager helps tenants find safe and affordable apartments while providing support with transportation, budgeting, vocational assistance, and other services through frequent home visits and outreach.

Homeless Prevention Program

Our Homeless Prevention program was created to respond to economic hardship associated with the advent of COVID-19.  The objective is to provide assistance targeted to reducing the number of individuals and families most at risk for entering the homes response system due to evictions from existing housing as a result of the current pandemic and related economic downturn.


Empowerment Through Giving

 This is not where you come and get service. This is where I come and give service. So that empowers me. I can be a service giver. The staff and members work side by side. Members make decisions for the clubhouse. It’s so empowering to be considered not a patient, not somebody with a label, but a member.  
—Willow, Member

Where to find us:

Our main campus is located at:

836 Main Street
Torrington, CT 06790

Phone: 860-618-2479

Normal Hours of Operation are:
Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Program hours vary to include:
Wednesday evenings & 2 Saturdays per month