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A Community Working Together

 We have a good relationship with Prime Time House and the employment specialists reach out to me when they have members interested in joining our team. They also assist us by providing job coaching if the clients need extra training. This saves us from retraining an employee who is struggling.  
—Wendy, Store Manager, Market 32

Our Career Services Supported Employment program assists adults with serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders find pathways to independence through employment.

We believe all individuals deserve the same unlimited opportunities to access the world of employment.  Holding a meaningful job is a critical component to recovery. It not only provides a paycheck, but also a sense of purpose, the chance to be part of the community, and opportunities for growth.

Our Employment Specialists assist participants through every step of the employment process, including identifying career opportunities, writing resumes, practicing interviews, and developing skills to maintain meaningful employment in the community.

We help employers by:

  • CATER TO YOUR NEEDS. Our Employment Specialists suggest pre-screened candidates that match your required skills.
  • CUSTOMIZED SUPPORT. At no cost, we can provide extra training and support to your new employee.
  • REDUCE TURNOVER. All candidates we recommend are motivated, trustworthy, and ready to work.
  • SAVE MONEY. You may qualify for tax benefits by hiring our candidates.

We help job seekers by:

  • ASSISTANCE FINDING A JOB. If you are ready to get back into the workforce, we’re ready to help with everything from resume writing to job applications to mock interviews.
  • YOU CHOOSE THE WORK. Our Employment Specialist will talk to you about your experience and goals, as well as the number of hours you want to work, desired location, and any other preferences you may have.
  • CONNECTIONS TO EMPLOYERS. We have knowledge about jobs available in the community.  If you wish, we can advocate on your behalf with employers.  If you’d rather employers not know you are receiving support, we will honor that wish as well.
  • ENSURE JOB SATISFACTION. Your Employment Specialist will work with you even after you find a job to make sure you are happy. If a job doesn’t work out for any reason, we will assist you with finding something that is a better fit.

For more information:

Tom Stanton, Program Manager
[email protected]


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Helping You Succeed

 I appreciate Prime Time House because my Employment Specialist helped me get this job. She provided job coaching so I was able to complete my job successfully. I had a couple of other jobs that didn’t last long, but with Karen’s help, I’m almost at my one-year anniversary working for Walmart!  
—Mark, Member


Unlocking Your Potential

 On the first day of my job, I didn’t think I could do it. But, with the help of my staff support, I can now do anything at my job!.  

Where to find us:

Our main campus is located at:

836 Main Street
Torrington, CT 06790

Phone: 860-618-2479

Normal Hours of Operation are:
Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Program hours vary to include:
Wednesday evenings & 2 Saturdays per month